Social Media Policy

At Billy GoGo, we strive to create an inclusive community. Please review our social media policy if you plan on viewing or contributing to our social media pages. Terms and conditions (the “Rules”) for using any official Billy GoGo related social media (the “Community”), which currently consists of teambillygogo at Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, are as follows.

Any person who views or submits to the Community (the “User”) must abide by the Rules and following guidelines. By viewing, using, or submitting to the Community, you agree that you have read, understood, accept and agree to the Rules.

Moderation of the community

We encourage submissions and shared Billy GoGo related content to the Community in accordance with the Rules. To help create a family friendly dialogue, we try and monitor the Community. We will take every precaution possible to check that all User generated content (the “Submission”) is in compliance with acceptable standards.

As 24/7 monitoring is not possible, we will check as frequently as we are able in order to maintain the social media platforms. Use or viewing of any Billy GoGo related social media is at your own risk. If there are any concerns about what content minors might see on the social media platforms, then pre-screening and ensuring the community is appropriate for every time it is accessed is the right course of action.

We reserve the right to remove any Submission that is seen as offensive, inappropriate, or simply does not relate to Billy GoGo and its products and philosophy. We are not legally responsible for Submissions or other material posted by third parties. In order to maintain the Community, we reserve the right to suspend, block, or change access to users without prior warning. We reserve the right to bring legal proceedings to any User who is seen as being excessively harmful to the Community. We may also suspend or stop monitoring of the Community at any time, which will be preceded by at least 24 hour written notice. We exclude any liability for loss or damage arising from use of the Community. 


The views expressed, positions and opinions expressed by any individual within the Community are those of the individual and are not necessarily the views of Billy GoGo or its employees.

A follow, share, like, or similar social media action does not constitute official endorsement from Billy GoGo. 

Any content posted from the official Billy GoGo channels shall remain property of Billy GoGo and copyright is applied to all official content. Redistributing or sharing material posted by Billy GoGo without proper credit constitutes a breach of copyright.

Minors must receive permission from a parent or guardian before interacting with or adding a Submission to the community. Please ensure you have talked with any minors accessing the Community about online safety and about complying with the Rules.

All Submissions which are not your own content must be credited to the original author. All Submissions, whether your own or other people’s, must abide by all domestic and international laws. No Submission will be defamatory, obscene, unlawful, offensive, hateful, abusive, promoting discrimination towards any group of people, or threatening towards a person or their privacy. Infringement of third party copyright is not allowed in the Community.

No Submission is allowed to mimic or give the impression that it has originated from Billy GoGo and/or its employees and affiliates.

Advertising that has not been approved with express written permission from Billy GoGo is not allowed within the Community.

Any User of the Community will indemnify Billy GoGo and its employees for any breach of guidelines or Rules by the User themselves or by any other User. Any third party copyright infringement shall be accountable to only the User who has generated it. Billy GoGo and its employees are indemnified from any breach of copyright by Users.


Any Submission a User makes to the Billy GoGo Community can be reshared and republished on any social media platform, free of charge. Copyright and credit will remain with the User and content generator.


To bring attention or complaints to any Submission or User within the Community, please contact Including the reason for contacting us along with evidence of the Submission or User you believe to be in breach of the Rules will expedite the investigation process. An investigation is not a guarantee of action against any User or Submission, Billy GoGo retains the right to deal with complaints as is deemed to be appropriate in regards to the Rules, but we will ensure that all complaints will be investigated.

We may revise the Rules and Community guidelines at any time. Any changes made are legally binding and will apply from the date changed. The only course of action if you do not agree with any Rules, guidelines or changes made is to cease use of the Community. The Rules are governed by California law and any legal complaint or jurisdiction will be submitted to California courts.